History - Perfect Hair Collection


Jennifer-HarrisonThe PH Collection brand is the vision of CEO Jennifer Lee-Harrison, a strategic marketing professional with a passion for people and a vision to deliver the highest quality products and customer service.

Jennifer has invested 15 years of her career in several demanding industries – Fashion, Hospitality and Telecom. She’s had the privilege to launch and manage successful marketing initiatives for well-known lifestyle fashion brands such as Sweetface Fashions by Jennifer Lopez and Tommy Hilfiger. These lifestyle brands developed and shaped Jennifer’s strategic business approach.

Although Jennifer’s professional experience was critical to her professional development, nothing could have been a more rigorous training platform other than her recent completion of her MBA at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. Immediately after successfully earning her MBA, Jennifer started to develop a strategic brand development and marketing plan for PH Collection.


Celebrating the Love for Hair Extensions!

For years, I had been searching for the perfect hair. My search began long before it was okay to admit that the beautiful hair you proudly tossed, ran your fingers through and enjoyed watching others envy what was actually a weave.
My first hair extension experience was the beginning to my journey that happen more than 15 years ago.
The joy I felt immediately after having the extensions installed faded as quickly as the 5-days of delight with beautiful hair fell to the floor because I had to cut the hair out. Within the first week, my new hair was shedding uncontrollably and matting so tightly I couldn’t wait to go back to the salon to get the extensions taken out. It was a complete disaster.

Undeterred, I continued my search to find a product I could rely on time and time again.
There were as many highs as there were lows along the way. Just when I thought I had found a great product, disappointment and frustration would eventually follow. It was always a gamble.
Over the years, there have been many advancements in the industry—primarily in the number of hair extension types available. But unless you’re willing or able to spend hundreds of dollars per bundle and countless hours in a salon and at home maintaining your hair, the main challenge women who love hair extensions have continued to face is inconsistent quality. Until now!


The Journey Goes Like This…

As my father always told me, if you want something done right, do it yourself. But to launch a hair extension brand correctly, I knew I would need the finest resources available to turn the dream into reality.

I started by sourcing a team which began the process of creating a strategic plan that included identifying global resources to ensure the we found the highest quality of hair to hand-select the PH Collection product line.


Personal Commitment To Excellence…“We Deserve It”

We as women share a common feeling…the busyness of LIFE! Whether you are single, married, with or without children, stay-home mom, self-employed or work for a company; women never have enough time for themselves. Doing simple things to take-care of yourself becomes secondary, as your To Do List gets longer.

I want to eliminate one less concern…your hair extension purchase. I created PH Collection to provide women like you and me, a hair extension brand that will deliver the quality, consistency, and reliability in hair extensions that WE all deserve—and at price points that make having beautiful, full, silky hair a reality for more women than ever before. Quality in texture, minimal shedding and matting—and the assurance that you are getting the highest quality Indian and Brazilian hair available. Hair that’s long lasting. Hair that naturally matches and blends with your own. And hair that is such high quality that it can be styled, and washed, and used again and again.

Three years ago, I set out to find the elusive secret to beautiful hair and to better understand the industry by conducting in-depth market research. I traveled thousands of miles in the hopes of unlocking the mystery behind the complex world of the hair industry’s supply and distribution channels. And to find ways to make hand-selected virgin human hair affordable and available to women of all cultures, lifestyles, and ages—whether you’re coming of age or young at heart.

It’s been an exhausting, exhilarating journey. A journey that’s been worth every step. And today, I’m proud to share all that I’ve learned with women everywhere. Women who know that their hair is a true extension of their inner beauty and authentic self. Women who want the flexibility and versatility that comes with having access to the highest quality, hand-selected hair product line on the market today. Beautiful. Affordable. Reliable. You will feel runway ready every time you step out the door!
The PH Collection is designed to give you endless ways to show the world who you are…your hair is an accessory to your personal style. I am committed to providing you with creative ways to change it up to fit your look for the day, the week or the season! Your personal fashion style and hairstyle will reflect how you see yourself every minute of every day. You’ll love what hair from the PH Collection can do for you–from the attention you capture when you enter a room—full of confidence, enthusiasm, and energy—to the quiet moments of time that are yours and yours alone.


Hand Selected Hair and Global Expertise

After extensive research, several roadblocks and many international trips, PH Collection was able to forge relationships with multiple suppliers that had collective expertise and years of research; the journey then took the team to an exhaustive review of potential sources throughout Indian, Asia and Europe.

This allowed for PH Collection to gain critical first-hand knowledge of the global human hair industry, and an in-depth understanding of the wide variety of hair types, textures and quality available.

From that point, the PH Collection team was able to secure hair suppliers that could meet the high standards they had set for quality, as well as the high-demand they anticipate for re- usable premium Indian and Brazilian human hair. And thus, the PH Collection will become available to consumers nationwide.