Kim Kimble: Stylist to the Stars

Kim Kimble is the epitome of success. She knows and appreciates the benefits of working hard and living your dreams. For more than 20 years, she has been behind some of the most trendsetting hair icons of Hollywood and the music industry.


Today, with her reality show, “L.A. Hair”, Kimble allows viewers into the life of a high-profile stylist to the stars and the ups and downs that come with the territory. Nevertheless, the Los Angeles native keeps creating the top styles for top celebs. The beauty industry is not new to her by any means. “I’m a third generation hairstylist,” Kimble explains. “My mother and grandmother were hairstylists and they kicked it off.


Once she was bitten by the beauty bug, she earned her cosmetologist license in 1991. Shortly thereafter in 1994, she opened her first salon. Her passion for doing hair then transformed as she witnessed her clients transform. “What really gave me the love of doing hair was watching my clients transform from the way they came in [to the shop], get their hair done and then look another way,” Kimble gushes. “I love for people to feel good whether it’s better hair or better products or just me styling their hair.”


The gift of hairstyling inevitably took Kimble to new heights when she officially entered the Hollywood circuit of stylists to the stars. In 1997, the first major film and celebrities that Kimble worked her magic on was “BAPS” starring Halle Berry. “I give God the credit for giving this gift that He gave me,” she states. Every day that I’m doing this, He’s opening doors for me. I feel like I’m walking in the path that he wants me to go in. I love the industry; I love fashion, beauty, I love what it’s all about and what it does for people and the influence it has and what it can do. It keeps me going and inspired.”


Just like for the movies and clients she styles, she explains that hair extensions are a way to create new looks as well as protect the hair. Kimble says: “Extensions offer instant gratification if you’re having issues with hair. It helps you look like you have new hair, you can try different looks, try color, cuts, grow your [natural] hair out and there are so many benefits.”


The world can now see Kimble and her fabulous stylists on her TV Show, “L.A. Hair”. The show has showed Kimble the reach of her influence. She recalls how young stylists now contact her to let her know how much of an inspiration she is. “It made me want to be more of an inspiration and educate people more,” she says. “Where much is given, much is required and when you have that platform and that opportunity, I just want to keep being a positive influence.”


The second season of “L.A. Hair” is getting ready to start shooting, new hair care products and expanding the salon.



I tell my clients to sleep on silk and don’t let your [extensions] get dried out. Use a very mild to moderate shampoo so you won’t dry the hair out as well. So, use the proper shampoo and conditioners.

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