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Wholesale Information


Are you ready for a life changing opportunity? Are you ready to own your destiny? We are relaunching the PHC Distributor and Consultant program for our 1st year anniversary.

The theme for 2016-2017 is LEARN and EARN…Think Like a Millionaire, Work Like a Millionaire Program!

Click Here to Register for the Millionaire on Wednesday March 8th at 8 pm EST.


Jennifer Lee-Harrison, CEO of Perfect Hair Collection, has partnered with media mogul Steve Harvey and they are committed to building Millionaire Mindsets Around The World. She has traveled around the world, perfecting her expertise in sourcing Hair Extension raw materials, Global Manufacturing and Building Brands. Now, she will share the key to building a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Jennifer has coached 175 successful Wholesale Distributors & Consultants throughout the U.S into building their wholesale brands! She will once again share this opportunity with anyone ready take a leap into entrepreneurship! So let’s get READY to TALK BUSINESS!

We are scheduling a FREE CONFERENCE CALL for anyone interested in building a successful hair extensions and Hair Care wholesale business! So don’t just think about it, TAKE ACTION! Join the call because you are ready to be a part of this $13 billion hair industry.

Forward this email to as many Millionaire Mindset people you know…WHY, do it alone when it can be a Winning Party!